M. Chapoutier, Crozes Ermitage “Varonniers” Magnum

M. Chapoutier, Crozes Ermitage “Varonniers” Magnum

M. Chapoutier, Crozes Ermitage “Varonniers” Magnum


Tasting note from barrel (April 2020): Les Varonniers: having made the very most of its exposure and protection of the Hermitage hill, this displays beautiful finesse with very fine, very black and deep tannin grains… a magnificent expression of graphite notes.

The Varonniers Single Vineyard is the combination of two of M. CHAPOUTIER’s iconic and historic vineyard plots. The first is Varognes, Chapoutier’s steepest plot, lying in the shadow of the l’Ermite on the Hermitage hill.
It is therefore a continuation of this extraordinary terroir but has its own distinctive features. The other plot is Les Meysonniers in the Les Châssis lieu-dit, which is a hillside plot with thick layers of smooth pebbles from different ice ages (Riss and Wûrm) mixed with clay. Here the wines are of a high quality and suitable for cellar-ageing. This Single Vineyard therefore represents the perfect combination of a granitic and a sedimentary soil, giving us a snapshot of the entire AOC terroir

M Chapoutier’s ‘Selections Parcellaires’ (Single Vineyard Selectons) are exceptional wines, born from a single plot. A celebration of terroir. Farmed biodynamically with the highest respect for the soil, the vines and the environment.

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