M. Chapoutier, Côte Rôtie ‘Mordorée’ Magnum

M. Chapoutier, Côte Rôtie ‘Mordorée’ Magnum


Tasting note from barrel (April 2020): La Mordorée: the sunnier, more distinguished Côte Brune combines magnificently with the finer Côte Blonde to produce a wine of full maturity where spicy and small black fruit notes announce a wine for extended laying down.

The particularity of this wine is that it comes from a blend of the Côte Brune and the Côte Blonde. The Côte Blonde, facing southeast, with sandy and gneiss soils, produces softer wines than those of the Côte Brune, facing south and southwest, with mica-schist soils that create firmer wines. La Mordorée represent a perfect balance of the two Côtes. It is powerful and full-bodied with intense fruity aromas and velvety tannins.

M Chapoutier’s ‘Selections Parcellaires’ (Single Vineyard Selectons) are exceptional wines, born from a single plot. A celebration of terroir. Farmed biodynamically with the highest respect for the soil, the vines and the environment.

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