M. Chapoutier, Châteauneuf-du-Pape ‘Barbe Rac’

M. Chapoutier, Châteauneuf-du-Pape ‘Barbe Rac’

6 X 75cl

Tasting note from barrel (April 2020): Barbe Rac: more distinguished, blacker, with its figgy notes counterbalanced by a more surprising floral aspect. Grenaches of rare finesse and remarkable elegance presage a fine collection of Châteauneufs.

This Sélection Parcellaire comes from one of the appellation’s oldest plots. Exposed on the appellation’s southern and south-eastern slopes, it is composed of quartz and silica washed down from the Alps during the Ice Age.
Thanks to a certain amount of hydric stress, the yields are low (15-18 hl/ha) and the wine is therefore very concentrated and distinguished with extraordinary tannins. Again, in order to draw out the purest expression of the terroirs, this wine is crafted entirely from the Grenache grape variety

M Chapoutier’s ‘Selections Parcellaires’ (Single Vineyard Selectons) are exceptional wines, born from a single plot. A celebration of terroir. Farmed biodynamically with the highest respect for the soil, the vines and the environment.

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