What is En Primeur?

1) What is En Primeur?

En Primeur offers the opportunity to acquire rare and highly coveted vintage wines before they are even bottled. En Primeur pricing is usually the lowest released making early purchasing financially attractive.

2) What makes the 2022 vintage so unique?

The extraordinary weather patterns experienced during the growing season of 2022 yielded an exceptional vintage. The interplay of drought conditions, intense sun exposure during the day and cool temperatures at night resulted in structured and well-balanced wines with concentrated fruit and freshness built for long-term ageing.

3) How can I get started in En Primeur?

En Primeur appeals to both wine connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike, with no minimum spend or management fees. To take part in the En Primeur campaign, kindly register your interest here. Subsequently, you will be added to our mailing list and be privy to updates on the Bordeaux 2022 campaign, as well as receive alerts as soon as the châteaux release their wines.

4) Why should I buy En Primeur with Le Clos?

Le Clos ensures the authenticity and origin of their products while providing valuable consultation, competitive professional storage and intuitive portfolio management solutions. With a 20-year history of forging relationships, we boast unparalleled entry to Bordeaux’s finest and most revered wines. Le Clos has developed state-of-the-art software to help you track your wines’ progress. It gives up-to-date valuations, offers drinking advice, helps sell your wines and depending on location can organise delivery.


1) When will my En Primeur wines be available?

En Primeur wines typically arrive around two years after the sales campaign, meaning that the 2022 vintage will be available for delivery in the second quarter of 2024. Le Clos meticulously consolidates purchases in its French warehouses before sending them to the UK in consolidated shipments. As a result, our delivery time may be slightly longer than other merchants.

Additionally, wines sent to Eton Park require up to 10 business days to clear and be registered in your account.

2) If I buy from Le Clos do I have to store with Le Clos?

Le Clos not only provides exceptional fine wine storage facilities at very competitive rates but also offers the possibility of delivering wines to other renowned bonded warehouses upon request. Upon receiving notification of readiness for shipment, you may opt for a different location.

3) Where is my wine cellared?

By choosing to store your wine with Le Clos, you can trust that it will be professionally kept in London City Bond’s cutting-edge Eton Park facility. This facility features constant humidity and a temperature of precisely 13°C (+/- 1°C) to ensure optimal conditions for your wine. Additionally, Eton Park is under 24/7 supervision by security personnel and monitored by surveillance cameras for added protection.

4) How can I be sure the wine is held in my name?

An online Certificate of Title shall include comprehensive details, covering the wine’s description, bottle and pack sizes, as well as your personal identification and rotation number for discrete identification. Furthermore, by utilizing this system, each wine package will precisely bear your name and correspondingly feature your name on the Certificate of Title.

5) What is a rotation number?

Simply put, the rotation number is an auditing tool to track every single parcel of identical wines within your cellar.

6) Delivery: Can I request delivery of my wines to the UAE?

We have the privilege of offering you the convenience of delivering your En Primeur wines to the UAE, including any MMI shop In Dubai or Al Hamra Cellar in Ras Al Khaimah. It is important to note that both options require payment of duties and taxes at the prevailing rates during the time of collection. To obtain a quote for either of these choices, please email us at MyWines@leclos.net. By way of illustration, a case of wine acquired from Al Hamra Cellar, Ras Al Khaimah, in the year 2020 would incur an expense equivalent to your original En Primeur invoice price, augmented by 50% for duty and a supplementary 5% for VAT.