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En Primeur is the purchase of wine whilst it is still maturing in barrel. The main advantages of buying En Primeur are:

  • To purchase wines at the initial release prices. Wines rereleased after bottling will usually be more expensive.
  • To secure allocations of small-production wines that may not be commercially available after En Primeur release.
  • To own a wine from the start of its life, as provenance is priceless.
  • To be able to choose large format wines – magnums, double magnums and imperials. Or to be able to order half bottles. Alternative formats become very rare and sought after over time.

Upon payment we will send you a certificate of ownership. These 2017 wines will be bottled mid 2019 and will be released in the spring of 2020. Our En Primeur prices include delivery from France to the UK, insurance and warehouse receiving charges, but they exclude duty and V.A.T. which will be payable only if wines are later cleared from bond. Customers who wish to buy for export, under bond transfer or bond collection have nothing further to pay. There are no initial storage charges for En Primeur wines. Storage charges in the UK will subsequently be charged only on wines left in bond after June 2020, we will contact our customers before this date to advise of the arrival of wines in the UK and to obtain storage or delivery instructions.

Payment is taken at the time of booking the wines. The cost of the wine is charged in Euros with the option to pay in Arab Emirate Dirhams at the exchange rate of the day including any bank fees which will be liable by the customer. Payment can be made by credit card however bank transfers are the preferred payment method, simplifying the process and being the most secure.

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